6 Components to Ensuring a Successful Connector Project

We’ve all been there—whether in our professional or personal lives—starting a huge project takes some major pre-project planning.

Say you’re building a home—before you start building the home...

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Settling the Custom vs Standard Connector Debate Once-and-for-All

In selecting interconnect solutions for a product, engineers have a choice of using either standard connector products or custom solutions. Making the decision on which route to pursue involves...

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The Connector Everyone Needs But Doesn't Know it Yet

The need for high-density electrical connectors is being driven by applications that need smaller, lighter connectors that are also ergonomically friendly. However, adding more pins in a connector...

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Medical Device Counterfeiting and How to Avoid It

Last year, MPO magazine addressed the growing global problem of medical device counterfeiting.

The article stated:

Counterfeit medical devices pose a serious and escalating threat to U.S....
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