Connect with the Execs – Building a Customer-Centric Company

What makes ATL differernt you ask?

A little ATL Technology history for everyone...

Years before ATL was started, the vision of this company was born. It was the mid-1980s and I was talking to my...

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6 Components to Ensuring a Successful Connector Project

We’ve all been there—whether in our professional or personal lives—starting a huge project takes some major pre-project planning.

Say you’re building a home—before you start building the home...

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Settling the Custom vs Standard Connector Debate Once-and-for-All

In selecting interconnect solutions for a product, engineers have a choice of using either standard connector products or custom solutions. Making the decision on which route to pursue involves...

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On the Cutting-Edge of Chip-on-Tip Technology

Overcoming Engineering Challenges to Further Miniaturization

Advancements in Chip-on-Tip endoscopy technology rely on the continued development of sensors, illumination, and lens systems. However,...

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Making the Critical Connection

As a designer or engineer of electronics, there will come a time to find out whether the connectors are the weak point in the design or whether you have chosen the correct contact mechanism to...

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8 Must-Try Spots for Food and Fun to Make Your MD&M Adventure Even Better

At ATL we believe all Connection are Critical—engineer to engineer, capital equipment to medical device; your business to success.

But, after a full day of walking the show floor, meeting with...

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Kicking Off 2019 with an Expanded Presence at MD&M West

ATL Technology, a leader in custom-engineered interconnect and medical devices, has announced its participation and expanded presence at MD&M West, one of the leading trade shows in the medical...

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Connect to Success Easier With Prototyping

When speaking about inventing the light bulb, Thomas Edison famously said “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” Edison neatly summed up how the prototyping process...

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With An Eye On Growth, ATL Technology Adds New Board Members

ATL Technology, LLC today announced two new board members have been appointed. Joining the current Board are:

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Why Sealing Can Be the Difference Between Success and Failure

Environmentally-sealed connectors are an ideal interconnect solution for heavy-duty and harsh, corrosive environment applications. There are very wide ranges of tough, harsh environments that...

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The Touchproof Advantage

As anyone who has spent any time around young children, connectors—specifically to power—can be a catastrophic safety hazard. And due to a number of incidents that lead to young children losing...

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ATL Acquires Leading Medical Device and Catheter Manufacturer

Biomerics and ATL Technology, in a joint venture (Biomerics ATL, LLC), announced that they have entered into an agreement under which together they will acquire Catheter Research Inc. (CRI)‘s...

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Why Low Capacitance and Coaxial Cable Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Similar to nearly every technology out there, coaxial cable has its things it is great for and others that it is severely lacking in. Generally, coax has lower error rates due to the inner...

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The True Cost of Interconnect Solutions

Cost, Cost, Cost. What does it cost?!?

Everyone, no matter the industry, deals with this reality buzzkill. And the world of interconnects is no different. As a device engineer, sourcing personnel...

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Why ESD Could Be Your Worst Enemy (and Why You Need to Consider It)

Growing up in the southern United States, I often found myself walking home in the midst of a torrential downpour. And if being soaking wet wasn't enough, to add to the despair in my shivering...

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Medical Device Counterfeiting and How to Avoid It

Last year, MPO magazine addressed the growing global problem of medical device counterfeiting. The article stated, “Counterfeit medical devices pose a serious and escalating threat to U.S....

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Becoming a Best-in-Class Global Manufacturing Company

As a global manufacturing company in the medical industry, ATL is focused on adhering to governmental regulations while maintaining compliance with additional industry requirements. The cost of...

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A Presidential Promotion at ATL

ATL Technology, a world-wide leader in custom-engineered interconnect solutions, has announced that David Gens has now assumed the position of President and Chief Operations Officer.

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Why We Believe Overmolding is Essential (And You Should Too!)

Tell me if this rings a bell:

Growing up, every Saturday was chores day, and no one was getting out to play with friends until we helped around the house and got any combination of chores done. My...

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Cable 101: Jacketing and Which is Best for Your Application

Whether you are producing a disposable medical device, a consumer charging cable, or a wire harness for a piece of capital equipment, you must connect the different components together—the...

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