Operating in an International Environment of Uncertainty

For the past year, tariffs have had a significant impact on the medical device industry.   Reimbursements from insurance companies for medical procedures have not changed due to the tariffs,...

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6 Components to Ensuring a Successful Connector Project

We’ve all been there—whether in our professional or personal lives—starting a huge project takes some major pre-project planning.

Say you’re building a home—before you start building the home...

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Chip-on-Tip Camera: The Cutting-Edge of Camera-Based Device Technology

Overcoming Engineering Challenges to Further Miniaturization

Advancements in Chip-on-Tip camera endoscopy technology rely on the continued development of sensors, illumination, and lens systems....

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Medical Device Prototyping: Improve Your Development Process

The rapid evolution of the minimally invasive and electrophysiology landscape has pushed engineering teams to find methods for accelerating and improving the device development process.

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The Touchproof Advantage

As anyone who has spent any time around young children, connectors—specifically to power—can be a catastrophic safety hazard. And due to a number of incidents that lead to young children losing...

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Why Electrostatic Discharge is Your Worst Enemy

Growing up in the southern United States, I often found myself walking home in the midst of a torrential downpour. And if being soaking wet wasn't enough, to add to the despair in my shivering...

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Medical Device Counterfeiting and How to Avoid It

Last year, MPO magazine addressed the growing global problem of medical device counterfeiting.

The article stated:

Counterfeit medical devices pose a serious and escalating threat to U.S....
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Becoming a Best-in-Class Global Manufacturing Company

As a global manufacturing company in the medical industry, ATL is focused on adhering to governmental regulations while maintaining compliance with additional industry requirements. The cost of...

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Jacketing and Which is Best for Your Application [Cable 101]

Once you’ve established your conductor configuration, figured out which insulation to use, and determined your shielding requirements, it’s time to pull everything together to create your cable.

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